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  • 1 We'll work one-on-one with you to create a job target for the role, identifying characteristics that your ideal candidate should possess.
  • 2 We'll then send you a complimentary Behavioral Assessment and Cognitive Assessment for your job applicants to complete and help you find the perfect match!
  • 3 Your dedicated consultant will help analyze applicants' results to determine your top 3 candidate profiles, based on the job target.

Once you hire the best fit, we'll be ready to help you use their Predictive Index data to ignite enthusiasm and unleash their productivity as part of a dynamic approach to talent optimization.

Let us help you take the guesswork out of hiring.

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The PI Hire Solution

The PI Hire solution is a powerful framework which helps to pinpoint the ideal fit for any role and streamline your recruiting process. With a blend of world-class technology, leadership training, and expert consultant support, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to hire top talent and manage with clarity. Get started with the PI Hire program by clicking below!

PI Midlantic Match Score and Interview Guide

Here's How the Program Works

  • PI Job Assessment™ –You can’t make a smart hire without knowing what behaviors and cognitive ability the role requires. Benchmark your top performers and facilitate a discussion to establish critical factors for the role. Create a Job Target before posting your job ad.
  • PI Workforce Assessments – Add rigor to your hiring process. Send each candidate the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and the PI Cognitive Assessment™ to help determine their overall fit for the role. PI assessment links can even be embedded within your job ads.
  • Match Score – Save time with Match Score. Our platform stack ranks applicants based on behavioral fit and cognitive fit. Screening resumes has never been simpler, allowing you to focus on the candidates most likely to succeed.
  • Interview Guide – The interview process should not be an unstructured conversation. Use our Interview Guide to focus in on the candidate’s fits and gaps pertaining to the role, target the conversation, and further explore any areas of misalignment.


Ready. Aim. Hire!

Until you’ve determined what you’re looking for in a candidate, don’t post your job ad. Otherwise, your hiring team is shooting in the dark. With PI Midlantic, we will help you identify multiple qualified candidates so you won’t be tempted to settle for the wrong one. Get started today!

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