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05 22

Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment & Emotional Intelligence

I was introduced to the PI survey, now known as the PI Behavioral Assessment (BA), in 1995. I was a VPHR at a defense contractor, and a client of Roger […]

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04 22

How to Get A Diverse Range of Personalities to Work Together

Two people with the most opposite learning and work styles can still work together effectively, when they’re in the right positions. An overview of how to get your team to […]

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02 22

The Diversity of Diversity

The Diversity of Diversity The last 2 years have seen talk of diversity in organizations massively escalating. Recruiting with diversity in mind needs to be more than a decision about […]

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01 22

The Great Retention

Who thought we’d be where we are two years later!  We’re still awaiting our post-Covid world as we’re still grappling with the pandemic.  In the midst of Covid, or likely […]

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11 21

How are business leaders preparing for 2022?

The current economy presents unique challenges for enterprise leadership. How do you successfully grow a business when faced with supply chain shortages, labor scarcity, inflation, and a persistent pandemic?  How […]

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10 21

Steve Picarde Jr. celebrates 20 Years with PI Midlantic

“With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone” We celebrate milestones here, our 37th year, the largest PI partner in the world, crossing 600 current clients. Some milestones are […]

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