04 21

What Kept You Going?

Here we are, one year out from when our world slid sideways into a pandemic. On some days during the last year, I felt resilient, like I was adapting successfully […]

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03 21

Accountability Check: How is Your Progress with Your 2021 Goals?

Here we are – about 60 days past the start of the new year, and I would suggest it is a great time to evaluate where we are in achievement […]

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02 21

Why We Need Personality Diversity

In these tumultuous times, much has been written about DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion) in the workplace.  A recent study by McKinsey indicates that “Companies in the top quartile for […]

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01 21

Valuable Lessons in an Extraordinary Year

Yup!  2020 was mostly a horrible year.  However, if we focus on what we learned, both personally and professionally, we can take something valuable away from the wreckage. 

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09 20

What’s Next? Help Shape the Right Career Path for Your Employees

When employees feel that you are invested in their future, an increase in their loyalty, engagement, and production is evident. One way to ensure they feel that way is to […]

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08 20

A Caring Culture – Your Antidote for a Global Pandemic

The pandemic has changed our lives forever. But when it comes to work, balancing jobs with childcare responsibilities have added new levels of stress to young families.  For employees without […]

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