Training - PI Midlantic

In-Person or Virtual, We Can Teach You How to Use All Facets of Talent Optimization

Drive Results with Talent

(Virtual or In-Person) Learn how to implement the four aptitudes of talent optimization to develop your people, execute a talent strategy, and create change in your organization.

Inspire People to Perform

(Virtual or In-Person) Equip your managers to unlock the full potential of your workforce.

High Performance Series

A two-part workshop series to help any team reach peak performance through expert guidance and first-of-its-kind people data.

Take Action on Engagement

Prepare your managers with an understanding of the PI Employee Experience Survey results so they can effectively communicate and execute data-driven action plans across all organization levels.

Customer-Focused Selling

Take the mystery out of sales performance; learn our proven sales strategy so your team has the power to create customized, client-focused initiatives.

Create Awareness with People Data

Use PI people data to understand how to improve collaboration and engagement – and better understand your colleagues and yourself.

Hire the Right

Learn how to look beyond the resume, education, and interview. Integrate the use of PI people data with your hiring process to better predict on-the-job performance and hire the best fits.

Leadership Training Seminar

Coming Soon!