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Hiring Strategy

How PI Can Help Develop Your Talent Retention Strategy

The Predictive Index is a talent optimization platform that offers a suite of tools to help you empower your organization with the information to help engage employees, strengthen leadership, and […]

January 03, 2024

How to Understand and Build a High-Performing Team with the Predictive Index

Building a high-performing team isn’t just about finding skilled individuals; it’s about aligning your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal results. The Predictive Index (PI) is a powerful […]

October 24, 2023

How to Use the Predictive Index to Improve Your Hiring Process

As businesses grow and evolve, one of the most critical aspects of ensuring continued success is hiring the right talent. Unfortunately, identifying and selecting the right candidate can be a […]

July 18, 2023

Want to Find More Sales Rock Stars? Yeah, We Thought So

Every company’s sales department is important to the company’s success. Products and services don’t sell themselves and when sales does well, the company does well. Yet today’s environment presents new […]

March 30, 2023

Small Business CEOs Confident About 2023 Prospects – Workforce Competition Will Continue

With the rate of inflation coming down in recent months and the talk of a recession lessoning, the December 2022 WSJ/Vistage confidence index saw the most significant one-month rise in […]

February 21, 2023

Do Your Best to Hire the Best!

When you are interviewing a candidate for a position, have you ever considered what information you seek to know about that candidate? Here is your list: Cognitive ability, knowledge, skills, […]

December 01, 2022

The Diversity of Diversity

The last 2 years have seen talk of diversity in organizations massively escalating. Recruiting with diversity in mind needs to be more than a decision about race, color, or gender. […]

February 08, 2022

Do you have a People-Related Hiring Strategy?

This can be an intimidating phrase… but essentially it would include things like how you will determine what roles are needed in your company, how you will fill them, the […]

July 22, 2021

Who isn’t looking for talent? Don’t settle for a warm body…

61% of businesses are trying to hire employees and 27% are creating new positions in the next three months, according to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent […]

July 09, 2021