Vivien Hudson - PI Midlantic

Vivien Hudson

Talent Optimization Advisor


Individual and workplace stress are at all time highs. Pressures on performance mean burnout is happening more frequently. Virtual working presents new challenges in terms of talent retention and work-life balance. Engaging our workforce is key to changing this dynamic to be one of retention, performance, innovation, and reduced stress.

This is what drew Vivien to join PI Midlantic.

Vivien Hudson is committed to helping others evolve as self-leaders, utilizing the science of the brain and body. She has a diverse toolkit based on coaching, neuroscience, and talent optimization. She is a big believer in finding purpose in the work we do and that ‘life is too short not to love what you do every day.’ With this mindset, her challenge is to help others feel and think this way from an individual, to team, to corporate level.

The foundation of any growth is based on self-awareness which is where her coaching strength helps people truly see themselves. Through better knowledge of ourselves and the way we see the world, we can better understand others to collaborate, co-create, and be more response able. Oh…and feel less stress!

From a diverse and eclectic background, Vivien has experienced significant change at a personal and business level. Vivien Hudson commenced her career in the healthcare arena as a pharmacist and transitioned to become a multi-business owner. Understanding how mindsets impact our health, she took on a new path. Since 2006 she qualified as a Certified Professional Coach, then later as a Talent and Performance Consultant and Brain Fitness Practitioner, joining PI Midlantic in 2021. She continues her learnings in the neuroscience, leadership, and embodiment fields and how to be more effective virtually.

She has worked with local and global clients to evolve leadership one conversation at a time.

Vivien is well-traveled and moved to the United States in 2013 from Australia, settling in Inman, South Carolina with her husband of over 25 years and their three teenage children. She has two dogs and is often found hiking in the local mountains on weekends. She loves to cook when she knows what to make for dinner, enjoys a drop of red wine, and reads avidly on human behavior and leadership as well as any other topic that piques her curiosity.


‘You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.’

Marcus Aurelius