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Your “HIRE” Power

When searching for a new job, how often do we visualize the perfect “dream job” and then “sit on it” (Ready, Aim, Wait!)? At the other end of the spectrum are those who react immediately, without taking the time to prepare and plan for what they really want and need (Ready, Fire, Aim!).


The best approach probably lies somewhere in between. Finding that “balance” between planning and action will help each of us reach our “Hire Power” (our unique wants and needs that, when met, will let us perform up to our full potential with enjoyment and enthusiasm) when seeking a new position or place in the world.


The most important element for achieving your individual “Hire Power” is understanding yourself. What you want and need ultimately determines what you can and will achieve in your jobs, your career and in your life. Taking stock of who you are may, to some, seem selfish. However, if you don’t understand who you are, how will you ever know what you want and need to be fulfilled and contribute to this world? It really is all about YOU!


Instead of worrying about what questions you will be asked in an interview, take charge of the process by thinking about what you want and need from a job, a team, and a company. Witness day to day how many people go to work and are just “there.” There is no exuberance; there is no zest for their role. We can blame this on the employer or the team or the job, but the reality is we are responsible for our own lives and the changes necessary to make them meaningful and satisfying. However, people don’t change until they are motivated to do so. And that motivation comes from within each one of us.


As Dr. Karen Otazo states in her book, The Truth About Managing Your Career…and nothing but the Truth,It is a workplace myth that most people are ambitious to get ahead-one reinforced by a culture of promotion meaning success. The truth is that different people are motivated by and committed to different things. The best bit of career planning you will ever do is to spend some time getting to know yourself.”


Anytime (be it spring, summer, fall, or winter) is an excellent time to take stock of our most important inventory – ourselves – to see how the year is progressing in honoring and developing our uniqueness. The PI® Behavioral Assessment can be an excellent starting point to review what our behavioral needs are and whether they are being met. So many people today depend on the company to give them the “job” and then to help them be successful. However, it is up to each of us to identify our own “Hire Power” and continually work to achieve it, both on and off the job.


At this time of introspective review, we should ask ourselves: What do I need at work? What do I want from work? What am I most excited about at work? Can doing my job well and with enthusiasm help me fulfill my personal needs and wants? Or, should I be looking elsewhere to find satisfaction and fulfillment? And then, isn’t it up to each of us to find the answers? If we rely on others to always provide the answers for us, we will never find out who we are or of what we are capable.


There’s an old adage: “Do what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!” That’s the ultimate Hire Power – you control it. Figure out what you truly want, need and love (not what the world tells you to want, need, and love) and then find work that best enables you to achieve your goals. Life is short and not a dress rehearsal. Attitude is a little thing that really does make a big difference!  We need to be proactive and take charge of our lives and our careers. As Henry David Thoreau once said, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.



It really is all about YOU!

YOU are and must always be

Your OWN Higher


Hire Power!!

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