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The Need for Ethical Leadership in the Workplace

The structure of your business and the use of “ethical managers” are big determinants of business success. What is an ethical manager? This term stems from Luke Andreski’s article “Ethics in the Workplace: The Ethical Manager.” By his definition, an ethical manager is both successful and ethical when it comes to a competitive workplace environment. There was a time when ethical practices of business managers weren’t emphasized as being of importance in the workplace. Fortunately, with the implementation of codes of conduct and scrutinization of organizations with poor business practices, there has been an increase of interest in using ethics in business decisions. In fact, Andreski states, “Ethical organizations are increasingly seen as a template for business success, achieving not only greater societal benefits but also increased profitability.” No longer should unethical practices be seen as profitable but, instead, the opposite. Businesses need to prioritize applying ethical practices to their leadership and management.

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