Behavioral Assessment - PI Midlantic

Quick, Valid, Actionable.

Cut through the interview impressions and focus on what matters. Evaluate if the candidate can do the job, and not just get the job. Use scientific data to make more consistently accurate decisions.

How does the PI Behavioral Assessment work?

It’s quick and non-intimidating, and only takes about 8 minutes to complete. Assessment takers get two lists of adjectives. Using the first list, they respond based on their environmental demands. On the second list, they describe their own behaviors. Unlike other behavioral tools, this is a free-choice assessment.

Each adjective is associated with one of the five key factors that determines workplace behavior: dominance, extraversion, patience, formality, and objectivity.

What does the PI Behavioral Assessment measure?

  • Dominance

  • Extraversion

  • Patience

  • Formality

These four key drives allow you to understand your employees’’ and candidates’ workplace behaviors.