Steve Picarde Jr. celebrates 20 Years with PI Midlantic

Steve Picarde Jr. celebrates 20 Years with PI Midlantic

“With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone”

We celebrate milestones here, our 37th year, the largest PI partner in the world, crossing 600 current clients. Some milestones are more subtle, but more profound.

I often feel I’ve had a charmed life. A beautiful and growing family, the privilege of running a business for 4 decades, teaching Predictive Index worldwide and helping clients build dream teams, turning client relationships into lifelong friends, and working with the most professional team of consultants and support team in the PI network. Most special to me is being able to work with my two sons, Steve and Chris, daily.

The end of October marks Steve Jr’s 20th year with PI Midlantic. How did that happen!! I’m barely out of college myself.

After spending two years with Booz Allen, Steve gave it up for a chair next to the bathroom, cold-calling PI. Quickly immersing himself in every phase of the business, he found his sweet spot in business development, training and client relations. People say, if you do what you love it isn’t work. Steve’s the only person I know who actually lives that. Two decades of watching him develop has been quite special.

Three years ago, Steve was promoted to President, a role he seamlessly grew into. Respected by the team and showing consistent good judgement, Steve has transitioned to be the go-to person here.

The past twenty years have been magical for me watching Steve and the company grow and change.  As I slowly slide into irrelevance, I’m excited for the great things he, Chris and the team will do in the next twenty years.

Job well done!

Steve Picarde

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