Predictive Index is the Answer to Your What If's

Predictive Index is the Answer to Your What If’s

If this month did not end as well as you had hoped, or you are looking to find ways to ramp an already good month for the remainder of the year, then you need to look inward.  By that, I mean your most likely underutilized asset – your people.

If you are like most companies, you have had some success in hiring over the last few years, but also can look back on a few hires that flamed out in epic fashion.  What if you had consistently hired top performers over that same period – where would your company be today?  Here are some possibilities – improved retention, improved productivity, and improved top and bottom-line results.

Or perhaps, your management team (from executives on down) has been following the golden rule in managing their teams – “treat others the way you want to be treated”.  Sounds like a plan, right?  WRONG!  Because what motivates you could be the exact opposite of what motivates someone else.  BUT… What if each manager in the company had enough insight into the unique behaviors of each of their employees that he/she knew specifically what was required to motivate that employee to top performance.  Here are some possibilities  – improved retention, improved productivity, and improved top and bottom line results – sound familiar?

Add to those what ifs, the following:

What if I wanted to know if my management team was aligned with the company’s strategy, and if not, how could I do something about that?

What if I wanted to identify the company innovators who were best able to drive a new innovation initiative to explore new products, services and markets?

What if I could address succession planning by scanning my entire workforce to see who the best candidates might be for a particular role?

What if I could plan for change by knowing who in the company was a natural change agent, and who I would need to spend more time helping through proposed changes?

What if before I hired an outsider, I could see if there was an internal candidate that had the perfect innate drives to be successful in that very role AND I could offer them a promotion instead of going with an outsider?

PI Midlantic as a Talent Optimization Partner

PI Midlantic and the Predictive Index are the Talent Optimization partners that have the answers to YOUR “What If’s…?”.  Our Talent Optimization Advisors can show you how to leverage PI across your organization to accelerate top and bottom line performance, and drive improved employee engagement and retention in the process.  If you want your 2019 results to truly reflect the full potential of your company’s talent, contact your Talent Optimization Advisor to see how PI Midlantic can make that happen.

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