PI Midlantic Named 2018 Top Producing Certified Predictive Index® Partner

PI Midlantic Named 2018 Top Producing Certified Predictive Index® Partner: Accepts “Most Valuable Player” (MVP)

ANNAPOLIS, MD – PI Midlantic announced today the completion of another year as the top producing Certified Partner of The Predictive Index® in the world. As a result of its 2018 sales, PI Midlantic was awarded the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) by the Predictive Index.

“We are happy to be recognized for our efforts,” said Steve Picarde, Sr., CEO of PI Midlantic. “We owe our success to our clients who believe in the power of the Predictive Index behavioral and cognitive assessments to create better hires and inspire greatness in their companies.”

PI Midlantic has been awarded and recognized as a winner of The Founder’s Club Award since 2003, meaning they are a top-producing partner. This year, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was created and PI Midlantic was recognized as its first recipient.

“Having worked alongside Arnold Daniels, the founder of the Predictive Index, back in 1985, I lead the PI Midlantic team to have a deep understanding of the tool and how to best apply it. I think our clients can see that and it’s what gives us our advantage,” Picarde continued. “Also, our consultants are seasoned professionals who have experience in executive leadership. We take pride in being masters of customizing winning plans for our clients.”

Those winning plans are modeled around Talent Optimization, a new category which provides leaders with the framework and tools to design a culture – what we call a “people strategy” – that directly aligns with their business strategy. Our assessments and expertise are key to helping businesses understand how to build the best teams and effectively manage and inspire their people. All of this culminates with a better workplace and better business results.

Talk to one of our Talent Optimization Specialists today if you’re interested in learning more and making a difference in your organization.

About PI Midlantic

Established in 1985, PI Midlantic was among the earliest believers in the power of the Predictive Index as the ultimate tool to help companies hire smarter and engage their employees. Since then, they have honed our skills as one of the most successful Predictive Index partners in the world with over 500 clients worldwide.

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