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Hiring Strategy

Learn How to Hire Strategically,Only with PI Midlantic!

When applying for an open position, job candidates will naturally highlight their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. In order to avoid the hassle of vetting bad fits, what if you added science to the decision-making process? Hire the best fit for any role with confidence using Predictive Index – try it for yourself to see how it works. From there, our specialized consultants will work with you and your team to improve your hiring process, find the right talent, increase retention and much more.

About the PI Hire Solution

The PI Hire solution is a powerful framework that helps to pinpoint the ideal fit for any role and streamline your recruiting process. With world-class technology, leadership training, and expert consultant support, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to hire top talent and manage with clarity.


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We’re the largest PI-certified provider in the country, with clients ranging from small, family-owned businesses to national corporations. What does that mean for you? Our consultants have the experience and range to help you leverage the Predictive Index for your own company, working side-by-side to help you understand your data. We call that Winning Together.

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