Giving Fuel to the Leaders Around You

Giving Fuel to the Leaders Around You

In what ways are you sowing into and giving inspiration to your leaders? They have a crucial role within your business, guiding one of your largest investments, your people. Do they feel and observe your support? Is fuel being put in their tanks or being depleted from it? Are you preparing the way for and inspiring them to soar?

The way you lead, the vision, values you live by and the culture that has been established within your organization significantly matters. Are leaders within your organization clear on what is expected of them? Are they being motivated or de-motivated by their work each day? Is it clear within your leadership team they are expected and empowered to examine the same questions for others in their sphere of influence? The answers to these important questions may determine the motivation level of your leaders and the ultimate success of your company.

An Unstoppable Force

As leaders, it is crucial that we take time to affirm and prepare the way for other leaders within our organizations. This is a type of encouragement and is like adding fuel to their leadership tank. It is like providing a little spark as a vision that can continue to be fanned and grown. As this motivation matures, it can be an unstoppable force in our lives and the company in which we have been given an opportunity to lead.

Those who sow generously into the lives of others will also reap generously. Although the context of this message is encouraging generosity in our personal lives, it also has a similar application to the investment of the people in our business or on our team.
If we sow into the development and future of others, the return is significant. It is within our power to provide both the encouragement they need, as well as influence the culture that is conducive to healthy growth. As we do this, we can encourage them in their leadership journey and potentially see our team soar.

Monday Morning

One way to experience and positively impact a healthy leadership culture is to understand what may be motivating, as well as demotivating members of your team. When you understand these aspects within your associates, it reflects the value placed on them. It also sends a message that you care, and desire for them to see value in what they do beyond just coming to work every day.

It is not always easy to understand or clear what motivates or demotivates people, however, the Predictive Index (PI) can be a great resource and provide an objective indicator for you to consider in that assessment. The PI Behavioral Assessment is designed to provide valuable insights for you as a leader to become more self-aware of how you may be both motivating as well as de-motiving others, potentially in ways you may not even have realized. The PI program can also be used to identify the same in your team members, helping to clear up communication issues, productivity concerns, bring clarity to conflict, and more.

In summary and reflection, assess whether there is an expectation of all leaders to be focused on making others successful down through your organization. Ensure your culture is healthy and aligns with your values and leadership expectations. Understand what motivates and demotivates your team members. This can help provide fuel and inspiration for accomplishing great and audacious things you did not think were possible.

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