Bill Barker - PI Midlantic

Bill Barker

Talent Optimization Advisor


Bill began his career many years ago dispatching truckloads of new cars to anxious dealers during a time when domestic auto makers were still king. After a few years, he moved on to the healthcare world until the mid-1990’s, concentrating on creating more effective managers to handle the myriad challenges of dealing with people. Some might refer to such efforts as Human Resources Management. Following one more stint in the government contracting arena, Bill joined PI Midlantic in 1998 and has enjoyed every minute of his work-life assisting his clients, so much so that it never feels like work.

For all you Johns Hopkins University or University of Maryland alums out there, you might appreciate that Bill graduated from each school – MAS from JHU and BS from UMD. Bill grew up in Baltimore, but after being hooked by the boating/fishing bug, moved to Annapolis in 1990 where he currently resides with his lovely wife Alma.