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A Look Back: PI Midlantic’s 35th Anniversary

Amidst all the disruption and pain this crisis has caused, we’d like to celebrate a small milestone. This week marks the 35th anniversary of PI Midlantic.  From a humble start with a Commodore 64 and a dot matrix printer in a spare bedroom, we’ve grown to be the largest PI partner in the world.

The announcement of Steve’s new business, Praendex Midatlantic, from 1985.

I researched how many businesses survive 35 years and the best guestimate is somewhere between 10-15%. While we fall somewhere short of Apple and Microsoft in size, we make up for it in passion and commitment. We truly are a “Family and Friends” business: three Picardes and a group of people who really enjoy working together.

The PI Midlantic team circa 2014 – we are more than double in size now.

Anyone who thinks they accomplish anything on their own is delusional.

I have had a charmed ride and I have thousands of people to thank for it.  To the YPO groups, who gave a struggling kid a chance 35 years ago, many of whom remain close friends to this day; to our office team, the heart and soul of PI Midlantic, who makes everything happen and bring fun to it; to our consultants, who are passionate about what they do, look forward to Mondays, and go the extra mile every day; to our clients – the reason we get up – we value your loyalty and friendship and we strive to be the best partner possible; to our main partner, the good folks at The Predictive Index who put up with our ‘opinions’ on everything; and most of all to Georgia, Steve, Allison, and Chris, who knew I would never be a good employee, who supported me through four decades of being on the road to pursue my dream.

Our celebratory cake when we made #1 Partner in 2016.

To our 600 clients, we hope we have touched you as much as you have touched us.  We take great pride in the many, many of you who have partnered with us for over twenty years.

Our PI Midlantic group photo in 2017, taken at the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa.

The times we are in will fade; what will last are the relationships we’ve built. I thank all of the above for giving me a life I wouldn’t have dreamed possible.

I look forward to Steve Jr. and the team celebrating our 50th Anniversary…and on and on.

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