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5 Reasons Promoting Emotional Health in the Workplace is Good for Business

Awareness of mental and emotional health has been increasing in recent years. People are finally recognizing how their emotional health is directly and intricately tied to every aspect of their lives: from their physical wellbeing to relationships, to their work. Improving your emotional health is akin to improving your overall life and wellbeing. However, it’s not just individuals who can benefit from learning and implementing emotional health; businesses also have a lot to gain when they foster emotional health in the workplace.

A key to improving the emotional health in your workplace is to understand what drives each employee and make sure individuals are in job roles that fit their talents. You can get the full picture of your workforce through the Predictive Index Assessment.

Below are five reasons why implementing techniques to improve emotional health in the workplace is good for business.           

1. A decrease in absenteeism and healthcare costs

A stressful or toxic work environment inevitably creates stressed out and sick workers. This leads to workers taking more unexpected sick time and can even contribute to workplace injuries and accidents. However, in a workplace that values emotional and mental health and tries to create a positive work environment, people are healthier, happier, and more attentive to their jobs. This leads to a safer workplace environment, lower healthcare costs, and a decrease in sick leave.

2. A decrease in presenteeism and an increase in productivity

Presenteeism is typically when someone shows up for work physically but not mentally. They may show up stressed, sick, or distracted, which reduces their productivity. Workplaces that are supportive of their employee’s emotional health and maintain a positive work environment can help put the kibosh on presenteeism and even increase worker productivity. When people know they are in a safe and supportive work environment, they are motivated to work harder and smarter.

3. A decrease in workplace conflict

Companies that support their employee’s emotional and mental health also often experience less workplace conflict. This is because their workers are better able to amicably handle interpersonal relationships, deal with disagreements in productive and diplomatic ways, and they understand how to treat each other with respect and professionalism. Workplaces with toxic environments where harassment goes unchecked, conflict is improperly dealt with, and employees don’t feel supported or appreciated open themselves up to HR nightmares that can potentially involve lawsuits and costly settlements.

4. Attract and Retain good employees

It is no secret that people want to work in organizations that have positive reputations for treating their employees well. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place where they enjoy the time they spend at work and feel valued and supported? Companies with good reputations for supporting their employees and creating a positive work environment not only attract higher-quality, harder-working employees, but they also have better retention of those employees. This reduces costly turn-over, increases worker productivity and loyalty, and produces happy and satisfied workers. 

5. Better customer service

Workplaces where employees aren’t given proper training to deal with difficult situations and don’t feel supported by their companies tend to have poor customer service due to their workers being disgruntled, resentful, or simply apathetic. However, when you have happy and healthy employees, you have happy and loyal customers. Workers with good emotional and mental health aren’t going to bring their emotional baggage with them to work, and they have the proper tools to deal with difficult customer service situations.

Fostering emotional health in the workplace benefits everyone involved and creates better, more productive work environments. Why wouldn’t you want to give your employees all the tools and support they need to be successful? Creating a positive and healthy workplace creates healthier employees, increases productivity, decreases conflict, attracts and retains better employees, and results in better customer service. Investing in emotional health and fostering a positive work environment is simply a smart business move.

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