Do You Know If Your Executives are Aligned on Strategy?

Organizational talent assessment tools to help you solve misalignment at the top.

Your Senior Sales VP bulldozes meetings and pushes his personal agenda forward. Other team members can’t help but wonder: Are we pursuing the right goals, or did we use the loudest voice in the room to build our strategy? The reality is that senior leaders tend to agree on no more than 70% of their company’s objectives. The revolutionary PI Design solution ensures that all execs are on the same page about the business strategy, so they can ultimately design an aligned talent strategy to maximize performance.

The PI Design Solution 

The PI Design Solution is a powerful tool used for gaining business strategy alignment while building a talent strategy to match.

We Give You the Framework You Need to Transform Your Company 

  • The PI Strategy Assessment – Find out if senior leaders agree on the business strategy, and if they feel confident in the company’s ability to execute it.
  • Execute Strategy with Confidence Workshop – Your expert PI consultant guides your senior team through the PI Strategy Assessment results, and how to build a talent strategy to match

How Does the PI Design Solution Work?

Step One: 

Get the executive team on the same page when it comes to which strategic priorities to pursue. Use the PI Strategy Assessment to kickstart tough conversations, then discover how confident each senior leader feels in the company’s ability to execute said strategy.

Step Two:

The Execute Strategy with Confidence Workshop drives team transformation by navigating difficult conversations and facilitating change management.

Create a Foundation of Senior Team Alignment

Here’s a scary stat: 52% of CEOs  who set goals in 2018 didn’t achieve them.

When execs don’t agree on the business strategy, companies can end up pursuing competing goals. Pinpoint senior team misalignment today so you can design the right talent strategy solution and come out on top.

So what’s the secret to great hiring and managing people to perform effectively? 

Talent optimization. When you have an agreed-upon business strategy and the right talent to execute it, you are set for success.