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PI Strategy Assessment™

Your whole is driving for the same goal! But are you sure? Our PI Strategy Assessment is the start of the process; let’s get everyone on the same page and firing on all cylinders for maximum business success.”

How does the PI Strategy Assessment work?

Step one: From a list of strategic statements, the leadership team prioritizes their strategic initiatives (Each statement maps to one of four strategy types.)

Step two: It’s one thing to have goals – we also measure each leader’s confidence in the ability to pull off each initiative.

Step three: Senior leaders view the strategies they agree they are pursuing and the alignment of the teams’ talent with those strategies.  Now we make informed decisions.

What happens after the assessment?

Now the leadership team participates in the Execute Strategy with Confidence workshop.

Here, you’ll analyze the results of the PI Strategy Assessment, mitigate any differences, arrive at an agreed-upon business initiatives, and put a plan in place to maximize performance. Guided by an expert PI consultant, you’re not in this alone.

Why you need an agreed-upon business strategy

When senior leaders pursue competing goals, they fight, get stuck, and make poor decisions. And that affects every employee in the company. The PI Strategy Assessment gets this out in the open—so execs can work through their differences and get rowing in the same direction. Once we know where we ‘re going we can address challenges like:

  • Finding the right talent
  • Aligning employees with business goals
  • Playing to people’s’ strengths
  • Creating a great work environment
  • Career pathing

If you don’t get on the same page about strategy, any decision you make is a shot in the dark. Don’t waste another dollar chasing after competing goals.