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PI Employee Experience (XP) Survey™

Check the pulse of your organization and uncover engagement issues with the PI XP Survey, it’s not your average engagement survey. Oftentimes companies will collect data, look at the results, and then stash the reports away just to do it again in another 365. But what good is that? Engagement surveys are a waste of time unless you take action!

Kick your survey up a notch using tailored action plans developed through the PI XP Survey and PI training workshops.

What is the PI Employee Experience Survey?

The PI Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement and four distinct areas that can impact it. It’s a platform that provides your employees with a safe and confidential opportunity to provide candid feedback regarding their:

  • Job
  • Manager
  • Team
  • Organization

What’s so special about these four categories? Our research has shown that these key areas can have a significant impact on engagement levels, and can either drive them higher or bring them crashing down. Examples include:

  • A misalignment between the employee and their job is an example of disengagement.
  • A match between the employee and their manager is an example of engagement.
  • A misalignment between the employee and the organization is an example of disengagement.
  • A match between the employee and the people on their team is an example of engagement.

The PI Employee Experience Survey gives you concrete data-driven insights so you can understand exactly how engaged your people are—and why.

What sets the PI Employee Experience Survey apart?

The PIXP Survey outputs come in two main forms: macro (company-wide) and micro (team level) reporting. Every manager with five or more employees who complete their survey will receive a team report. This isolates problems that aren’t widespread—but should still be addressed. Team-level reporting also isolates high-performing teams. When you understand what’s working well you can use that insight to develop your other managers.

Employee experience matters.

Too many companies are blind to their employees’ realities. Don’t assume your people are engaged and buy into your vision. Know where employee engagement is high—and where it’s suffering. Finally, there’s a framework for collecting insights about what’s driving engagement and disengagement and doing something about it!

The PI Employee Experience Survey is just one piece of the PI Diagnose Solution. After your survey closes, you’ll be able to leverage the action plans produced by the software, expert consulting services to implement those plans, and workshops dedicated to training your leaders how to address blind spots and celebrate the “wins”. Employee Experience Coaches are also available for a full-service, start-to-finish implementation of an engagement initiative at your company.