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Predictive Index Leadership Development Program

The Predictive Index leadership development program focuses on a leader’s style and communication with their team. Team members are, in turn, analyzed for their styles and motivators.

360 Degree Feedback & Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment 

PIMidlantic combines two of our services, 360 degree feedback and the Predictive Index program, to form the basis of our leadership training plan.

360 degree feedback elicits targeted feedback from the leader's peers, subordinates, and supervisors and a self-assessment is given to form a basis for training.

Throughout the Predictive Index leadership development process, which lasts three months to one year, executives who undergo leadership development will become certified in the Predictive Index methodology.  Through their PI training, they will get an overview of their own leadership style and how they tend to communicate to their team. Members of their team will take the PI Behavioral Assessment to determine to what leadership style they respond best, how they are best motivated, and how they best communicate.

The Results

The results of these two powerful tools are combined with one-to-one meetings and phone sessions where our senior consultants then work with executives in a systematic process to accentuate their strengths, neutralize career-stallers and developmental needs, and focus on improving key metrics of success.

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More About Leadership Development With PI Midlantic

Kathy Till, Director of Training
Over the next three years the turnover rate was reduced by 30 to 40% any given year.
Kathy Till, Director of Training
Elizabeth Weller, Executive Vice President
In 2010, prior to the implementation of PI, we hired 330 OPC’s. The following year, by attracting the right people for the role, we only had to hire 130 OPC’s (61% fewer hires).
Elizabeth Weller, Executive Vice President
Gold Key/PHR
Jim Smitherman, President
Without PI I don’t think we could have put together this exceptional team of people.
Jim Smitherman, President
Security State Bank
Terri Lavertu, Manager of Human Resources
We’ll always have turnover because telemarketing is a difficult job,” said Lavertu, “but in less than one year, we have improved employee retention by 35% using PI.
Terri Lavertu, Manager of Human Resources
Lens Express
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