Peter Schwartz

Talent Optimization Advisor


Peter has over 30 years of experience taking early-stage concepts and companies to maturity. He has been a Chair with Vistage Worldwide since 2005. A Master Chair, three-time STAR award winner, and Best Practice Chair, Peter was selected from over 550 Vistage Chairs to receive the Robert Nourse “Vistage Chair of the Year” award in May 2016.

As a Vistage Chair and CEO Coach, Peter became fascinated with leadership development early in his Vistage Career. He believes leadership development is at the center of the Vistage Value Proposition and has consequently obtained The Leadership Circle and The Leadership System certifications. In October 2015, after a year-long leadership development journey with 13 leaders of a Fortune 50 company, Peter launched a Vistage Inside Group. As of 2019, Peter joined PI Midlantic as a Talent Optimization Advisor and leverages the power of the Talent Optimization framework, including the Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments, with his Vistage Groups and clients to further develop leaders, inspire their people, and drive qualitative and quantitative results.

Peter resides in Reston, VA and graduated with a BS in Psychology from Old Dominion University. He is a graduate of Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching Certification and Harvard’s “Immunity to Change” Coaching program; he is currently participating in the Vistage/Stanford Executive Leaders Program. This year, Peter will be introducing that program in the Washington DC area to select Vistage CEO members.