Mia Hanson

Talent Optimization Advisor


Mia has been a Talent Optimization Advisor and Sales Training Facilitator for many years, with a client base that represents a broad range of industry. In addition, she has extensive experience in brand development, marketing and PR, and SEO/website traffic growth.

Mia was an expat for over ten years, living in China, Turkey, and India. It is this experience that has brought her a unique perspective on business and cultures from around the world.  As a matter of fact, prior to her work with PI Midlantic, she owned a catering company in Shanghai, China where she executed all wholly-owned foreign enterprise licenses and managed all aspects of the business. Also while there, she conceived, founded, and operated a luxury catalog company Magellan’s Pursuit.

Additionally, Mia is a co-founder/owner of Project Nomad LLC, which develops and sells luxury vacation properties in southwest Costa Rica.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems and Computer Science from Florida State University.