Brian Armstrong

Talent Optimization Advisor


Brian joined PI Midlantic at the end of 2020 and has extensive knowledge in the private club industry.  He has more than 17 years of management experience running “for-profit” and member-owned private clubs.  With experience running city and country clubs, his skill set is vast.  Brian is the Founder and Principal of Armstrong Consulting.  Through this company he provides strategic planning, consulting, and executive level recruiting and coaching, along with interim help to clubs throughout the country and internationally.

Comfortable discussing agronomic issues with a Superintendent, golf tournament operations with the Director of Golf, or the latest culinary trends with the Executive Chef, Brian’s experience in the club industry is well-rounded.  Having completed a $12 million Club Improvement Plan which ranged from improving all amenities at the country club, to strategic planning, to implementing a capital reserve study, Brian is comfortable working with any club board to better position the facility for the future.

With experience, at the highest level, in private-owned, for-profit, and member-owned private, Mr. Armstrong has a unique perspective of the club industry.

Brian has a Marketing degree from the University of South Carolina and enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.