The secret to influencing others and generating buy-in to your ideas is not always within the content of your message, but the delivery. Being self-aware about your own communication style and how it is perceived by others can be critical to creating clout within your organization.

March's one-hour PI Midlantic webinar entitled Communication & PI: Influencing to See Results will be hosted by President and Senior Consultant, Steve Picarde Jr. During the webinar, Steve will enhance your understanding...


Talent optimization is a new discipline business leaders can use to align their people with their business strategy. Join our host Senior Consultant, Clayton Sullivan, in May of 2019 for a one-hour PI Midlantic webinar on why The Best Managers are Talent Optimizers

This session will benefit both veteran PI users as well as newly-trained PI Practitioners. During the webinar we will discuss:

  • The best ways to boost productivity
  • How to build a winning culture
  • Understanding your employees
  • Onboarding new...


Join our host Senior Consultant, Bill Barker, and moderator Clayton Ramsey in June of 2019 for a one-hour PI Midlantic webinar with insightful commentary on PI data and how it can affect and shed light on an individual's leadership style. As Bill speaks the question How Are Leadership Styles Created, Developed, and Refined, he'll walk us through:

  • The effects of a person's PI Behavioral Assessment AND Cognitive Assessment results
  • Where emotional intelligence and maturity come into play
  • How...