Join our host Senior Consultant, Bill Barker, and moderator Clayton Ramsey in June of 2019 for a one-hour PI Midlantic webinar with insightful commentary on PI data and how it can affect and shed light on an individual's leadership style. As Bill speaks the question How Are Leadership Styles Created, Developed, and Refined, he'll walk us through:

  • The effects of a person's PI Behavioral Assessment AND Cognitive Assessment results
  • Where emotional intelligence and maturity come into play
  • How...


Join us in July for one of PI Midlantic's most popular PI webinar sessions - a basic refresher of the PI program!

Alexis Sutton, PI Midlantic’s Client Relations Specialist, will facilitate an interactive one-hour refresher webinar to review the PI Behavioral Assessment’s basic concepts and applications. This refresher webinar will benefit both veteran and newly-certified users, and during the session we will cover:

  • Talent Optimization Assessment Suite
  • Back to the Basics
  • Deconstructing PI Patterns
  • Applications
  • PI Programs & Training