Join our host Senior Consultant, Steve Sieke, and moderator Clayton Ramsey in October of 2018 for a one-hour PI Midlantic webinar with insightful commentary on PI data, and more specifically what we can learn about behaviors by analyzing Factor Combinations. During Factor Combinations - Insights on Personal Behavior, Steve will walk us through:

  • Going beyond the A-D relationship to gain deeper insights
  • Factor Combinations that have the biggest impact on workplace interactions
  • How you can use Factor Combinations to...


Critical Pre-Interview Steps for Key Stakeholders to take before every hire!

PI Midlantic's November 2018 webinar refresher is hosted by Vice President & Senior Consultant, Kathy Frank and all about hiring with PI. This complimentary one-hour session will cover critical components of the attracting, selection, and hiring process especially as they relate to the Predictive Index. During this Friday meeting, Kathy will walk us through:

  • Creating an appropriate job description and defining the role
  • Completing a PI Job Assessment, reviewing Stakeholder...