September's one-hour PI webinar learning session will discuss how to effectively use the Predictive Index program and methodology within the critical business function of Hiring and Selection. During Effectively Injecting the Predictive Index into Selection! we will cover:

  • WHY you should use PI in selection
  • WHEN you should administer the assessment
  • HOW to use the data and results effectively


The one-hour webinar entitled Make the Most of Your PI Program by Understanding the Software is designed to improve your ability to utilize the PI software in order to maximize effectiveness and ROI of your program 

This webinar will benefit both veteran and newly trained PI Users and Practitioners. During the session we will review:

  • The Basics: Sending and Browsing assessments
  • Associating People Pages with Job Pages
  • How to build a Job Pattern using the Job Assessment
  • How to effectively employ the...


Using the PI Coaching Guide to Coach and Develop Top Talent is an hour-long webinar designed to improve your utilization of the PI program and methodology to, as the title suggests, develop and coach employees in your organization.

This webinar, hosted by Senior PI Consultant Teri Kinsella will benefit both recently-trained PI Practitioners as well as the veteran PI user. During the webinar we will cover:

  • The basics behind using the Coaching Guide
  • How and when to...