Talent Management with the Predictive Index
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Our Talent Management Strategy

Talent management is an important part of planning in any organization in order to keep individuals who are highly gifted and talented.  Leaders who have been groomed from within the organization are more likely to perform better and stay longer.

Identify Needs in You Organization

At PI Midlantic, we recommend that the first step of talent management is to identify the future leadership needs of the organization as well as key individuals within the organization who seem to be the best fit for those roles. Current leadership may choose to have meetings about leadership needs and involve the Human Resources department in drafting outcomes.

Assess Potential Leaders

Step two of talent management involves the Predictive Index behavioral assessment. Using these assessment results, it will be possible to gain insight into the organization's possible leaders' natural behaviors and styles, including how they build relationships, make decisions, appraise risk, and view change.

Create a Development Plan

Step three of talent management is to create a leadership development plan for each of the individuals you have targeted as future leaders. The PI behavioral assessment results should be the cornerstone of this plan, giving you the understanding of what needs to be further developed in the individuals and the types of support needed around them.


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More About Talent Management With PI Midlantic

Kathy Till, Director of Training
Over the next three years the turnover rate was reduced by 30 to 40% any given year.
Kathy Till, Director of Training
Elizabeth Weller, Executive Vice President
In 2010, prior to the implementation of PI, we hired 330 OPC’s. The following year, by attracting the right people for the role, we only had to hire 130 OPC’s (61% fewer hires).
Elizabeth Weller, Executive Vice President
Gold Key/PHR
Jim Smitherman, President
Without PI I don’t think we could have put together this exceptional team of people.
Jim Smitherman, President
Security State Bank
Terri Lavertu, Manager of Human Resources
We’ll always have turnover because telemarketing is a difficult job,” said Lavertu, “but in less than one year, we have improved employee retention by 35% using PI.
Terri Lavertu, Manager of Human Resources
Lens Express
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