Talent Development Assessment

The Predictive Index provides a talent development assessment tool business owners can use to find and keep top talent.

The Predictive Index can be also used for better communication with current talent. An example of this is putting an end to generation gap issues using our talent development assessment.

To learn more about the Predictive Index in general visit our free assessment page.

Talent Development with the Predictive Index Assessment


This video is meant to give a brief overview of how the Predictive Index assessment is used as a tool for talent development.

The ability to develop talent within your agency relies on managing the motivation and building the strengths of each employee. 

In order to determine what those motivators are and what each individual’s strengths are you must first have an understanding of their behavioral drives.

The Predictive Index assessment surveys your employees and uses their results to measure their personality using a 4-factor scale made up of Dominance, Extroversion, Patience, and Formality. 

Personality measurements are then used to deduce behavioral drives. 

Armed with this information about your agency’s talent, you can help them develop in their careers, retaining top talent and growing the skills and efficiency of your agency.