The NEW PI Experience is Here!

New Predictive Index® Software Released

There is a new Predictive Index® software experience available when a PI user logs in. This new software offers a workflow that helps guide users through the steps of a hiring process that uses the Predictive Index, as well as brand new features and reports to assist with coaching, development, and the identification of high-potential (Hi-Po) employees.

Key features of the new PI interface release include:

  • Integrated Cognitive assessments – the PI Cognitive Assessment, a 12-minute timed assessment, is now available directly inside the same software and integrated throughout the hiring process.
  • Profile match & ranking – an automated analysis of how a candidate's behavioral drives and cognitive ability match with client-defined job targets enables easy sorting through a candidate pipeline to find the best fits for a given role.
  • Pipeline health measurement – an easy-to-understand view of the types and fit of candidates applying to positions to help clients understand whether they've set the right job requirements and description.
  • Task-based navigation – an updated user experience to guide managers through the ideal hiring path.
  • Reference profiles – 17 referenceable behavioral profiles to distill down the valuable information found within thousands of pattern combinations.

PI Midlantic is excited to be able to offer this new experience. For a quick product tour, view the following video. For questions, or if you would like more information on how to access the PI software, please reach out to your consultant or email Clayton, our Client Service Manager at