Predictive Index Software

The following webinars and User Guide will help you prepare for the new look of the Predictive Index Software.

Enjoy the new look, feel, and functionality of the Predictive Index Software! This version of the software, released in early 2016, comes with a new, easier to navigate look and includes powerful new features. 

The following are a few of the primary new features:

  • Intuitive Navigation
  • People and Positions Pages
  • New Pattern Design
  • Introducing: the Job Pattern
  • Completely Mobile/Tablet Friendly

Use the videos and User Guide below to learn about the updates and new features. PI Midlantic is happy to provide hands-on assistance to anyone who needs it as well. Please contact us for further assistance.

User Guide

Download the Official PI Software User Guide PDF.


Welcome to the Predictive Index Software

 Highlights, What Has Changed?

Assessments, Browse, Share, Reports

Powerful Features