PI Survey

What is the PI Survey?

PI Survey

PI Survey is short for "Predictive Index Survey." The PI survey is a test in which 86 adjectives are presented to the test taker in the form of a checklist. These adjectives are then responded to twice based on different directions.

The PI Survey takes 10-15 minutes and is administered via accessPI™ (an online application), which allows for administrators to send requests to employees and job applicants and immediately review results and reports. 

Millions of people have completed the PI (approximately 1.5 million people completed the PI in 2011) and the PI test is available in over 65 languages, including Braille.

The answers to the test provide information that allows for a behavioral analysis of the test taker. AccessPI™ also offers the ability to analyze multiple PI’s, looking for trends that can impact a client’s or prospect’s business.

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