PI Midlantic Welcomes Newest Senior Consultant, Wayne Holder

WRITTEN BY BulletJanuary 28, 2016

Wayne Holder Head Shot

Media Release

Date: January 28, 2016

Media Contact: Stephanie McGuinn, Steph@Creative2Studios.com

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA/ANNAPOLIS, MD - PI Midlantic is expanding. In 2015, PI Midlantic added California to our territories and have welcomed our first west coast Senior Consultant along with it: Wayne Holder. Mr. Holder brings the Predictive Index to organizations throughout California and to industries that run the gamut. He is passionate about the universal application of the Predictive Index and enjoys applying it to many corporate situations. With California's expanding technology economy, Mr. Holder most frequently uses the PI to assist with company acquisitions and believes the Predictive Index is the most powerful tool a company undergoing an acquisition can have. “When making an acquisition, it’s more important to understand the human capital associated with the company being acquired than even to know the financials. The human capital is usually the engine behind the company’s success,” says Mr. Holder. “In order to get the full benefit of using the Predictive Index, it’s necessary to use the system in every aspect of an organization,” Mr. Holder continues. “Not only in the interview process but following up in the on boarding process.” By meeting his clients face-to-face rather than over the phone as often as time allows, Mr. Holder is able to help his clients first hand to use the PI at every opportunity. Mr. Holder has long been a believer in the power of predictive analytics and was first introduced to the concept in 1988 when the company he worked for at the time began using the DiSC assessment. He answered a survey as requested by his manager and was fascinated by the results. In the years since, he has worked with several other assessments which helped him come to the conclusion that “the Predictive Index is the best predictor of performance.” “The other assessments I’ve encountered are forced choice and take as long as 45 minutes. The Predictive Index only takes five minutes and you get great, in-depth results. It’s amazing how much you can tell about a person with a short survey,” says Mr. Holder. Mr. Holder, originally hailing from South Africa, moved to California from Dubai not long before he began working with the Predictive Index. He chose California to be close to his daughter who was attending a University in Orange County in addition to being close to his PI mentor, Doug Johnson. Mr. Holder joined PI Midlantic when Mr. Johnson retired and PI Midlantic acquired his company. Despite working from the other side of the country, Mr. Holder feels like a well-integrated member of the PI Midlantic team. “I’ve had a huge amount of help from Steve Picarde, Sr., my fellow consultants at PI Midlantic, and PI licensees in general. Everyone is so supportive and willing to share information,” says Holder. “The only pain comes with early morning meetings and the three hour time difference,” Holder adds playfully. Mr. Holder hopes to grow the PI Midlantic consultancy with more Consultants and clients in California over the next five years “as fast and as big was we can. There is so much opportunity here and it’s just too big for one person.”