Crisis Resources

At PI Midlantic, we love to hear about our clients' thriving businesses, but we understand there are times that are more critical, when organizations may need a different kind of help from us. Whether your company is suddenly adapting to a remote workforce, struggling with potential layoffs, or stressed about doing business in a changing economy, we have resources that can help. Below you'll find access to tools that will provide guidance in times of uncertainty. As always, reach out to your advisor for additional resources and organization-specific direction. 

Virtual Training Options





 Working from Home        Inspiring Employees           Coping with Stress           

25 Tips for Working from Home

9 Tips to Manage a Remote Workforce

How to Conduct a Remote Interview

The Top 4 Team Collaboration Tools     

1:1 Meeting Template for Managers

Surviving a Hiring Freeze

Implementing New Processes

How to Manage Stress at Work

Best Practices for Introducing Change

Working in the Cloud




Surviving an Economic Downturn with Talent Optimization A Manager's Guide to Leveraging PI in a Remote Work Environment Build a Team that Performs When the Pressure Is On
Build a Team that Performs When the Pressure Is On Managing Virtual Teams - Drive Success in a Remote Workforce A Crash Course in Talent Optimization

 Keep an eye out for additional resources and materials to come.