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Join us in our relentless pursuit to Charge the World’s Workforce by becoming a PI Midlantic Predictive Index Consultant.

The Predictive Index is used by over 8,000 companies globally to empower the discovery of what truly drives workplace behaviors. When integrated into organizations, the PI removes unwanted bias, friction, and ultimately allows businesses to realize the power of their workforce and achieve their strategic objectives faster than they ever imagined.

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We would love to have a conversation with you about becoming a PI Consultant. First thing's first, read on for more info and then let’s set up some time to talk.

Our Ideal Consultant Candidates

  • Business / Organizational experience
  • Progressively successful management experience
  • An established business network
  • Comfort at dealing with the C-Suite
  • The ability and desire to advise senior management on complex business issues
  • A successful track record in one, or some, of the following: Selling training and/or B2B software, Sales Management, Executive Management, or Consulting

If the information above sounds like a great fit for you and you would like to further discuss this opportunity, please reach out to Steve Picarde via email or call (410) 295-0771. Please send your resume and a short explanation of why you think you would be successful as a PI Midlantic Consultant.

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About the Predictive Index 

With a 60-year proven track record, the Predictive Index methodology leverages the best science, ground-breaking technology, and super-charged knowledge transfer to deliver the most effective toolset for decoding the human element of any organization. Business challenges big and small are no match for our unique approach to client education and service, which ensures swift adoption, direct ROI, and high impact on performance metrics.

Each year, 2.5 million PI assessments are administered, and over 7,000 professionals are trained in Predictive Index workshops. Predictive Index based solutions can help businesses:

  • Find and select the right talent, reduce employee turnover, develop managers and leaders, and increase employee engagement.
  • Impact growth and development.
  • Increase quality revenue streams.
  • Empower managers to drive employee performance & engagement.
  • Improve productivity across the organization.
  • Develop high potential managers and leaders.
  • Retain and leverage top talent.

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