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About PI Midlantic

About PI Midlantic

PI Midlantic is a Predictive Index Certified Partner, established in 1985, and celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015. The company also helped celebrate PI's 60th anniversary last year. Our team of consultants, made up of former executives, brings decades of management experience that our clients leverage every day to achieve their organizational goals. With over 400 clients in 40 US states and 15 countries, PI Midlantic has trained thousands of business leaders to align their people with their business goals.

With over 60 years of success, the Predictive Index isn't just the latest buzzword. The Predictive Index is a privately held international management consulting company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1955 by the late Arnold S. Daniels with a mission of using the science of behavioral assessment to help companies make important decisions concerning people at work.

The PI Midlantic team of experienced consultants carries on that mission today by giving you and your management team the power and knowledge to better motivate, lead and utilize your people to the best of their ability. We are certified by The Predictive Index to use, consult with, and train our client organizations in the PI methodology.


History of the PI

History of the PI

Arnold S. Daniels, author of the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and founder of The Predictive Index, was born and brought up in Boston and its suburbs. Daniels majored in journalism in college, going to work for the Boston Record-American, a Hearst newspaper.

In 1942, Daniels enlisted in what was then called the United States Army Air Corps. Daniels was soon sent overseas to the Eighth Airforce, where he joined heavy bombers flying in combat over Europe from bases in England. After combat duty, he began working with a psychologist who had been brought over to England by the Air Corps to study the causes and failures of bombing missions. Daniels was introduced at this point to the subject of tests and measurements. The Air Corps then sent Daniels to a course called "Management & Statistics" at the Harvard Graduate Business School. That course provided technical know-how that would be essential to the development of the Predictive Index.

Daniels then went to work for consulting firms, both involved in the general areas of organization development and personnel management. This experience led to the development over the next few years of the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. He also began formulating a plan for making the information provided by that instrument available and understood by client/users.

From 1952 - 1955 Arnold worked at developing and refining the Form I Predictive Index checklist, and accumulating the scoring statistics required for the development of the Form 1 Score Sheet. In June of 1955, he set himself up in business as Arnold S. Daniels Associates - later to become The Predictive Index. He set out to sell his new system, complete with the five-day training course that he had written. By the end of 1956 the client list had grown to about thirty, almost all of them in New England. But the word was spreading, and the list was growing steadily.

In the early 1960’s, with many thousands of PI behavioral patterns available for statistical study, the norms (Score Sheet) were revised and refined to yield Form II. By then there were three Predictive Index Certified Partners, and the client list was building to over 120. In 1971, Arnold S. Daniels Associates was incorporated as The Predictive Index.

By 1991, in response to the frequently expressed wishes of both clients and Partners, the training course, now called the Workshop, was reduced to three days. Arnold had produced a further revised and edited notebook for the Workshop: the format was improved and condensed, and more information for both analysts and trainers was put in print. The Predictive Index entered the nineties with the best workbook and the shortest workshop yet.

Since 1955, the acceptance of PI Behavioral Assessment has been worldwide. Tens of thousands of managers and executives have attended the PI training workshops. The behavioral assessment, which is currently available in 70 languages plus braille, has been administered millions of times.

Arnold Daniels passed away in September 1998. However, he left behind not only an excellent program but also an unsurpassed commitment to excellence.