Younger Results-Driven Leaders More Fun to Work With


Business People Chatting

“Younger Leaders More Fun to Work With.” It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but it’s the result of a study recently published in the Harvard Business Review. According to the study, leaders younger than 30 years old were two to three times as likely to be both “results-driven” and “fun to work with” as their older counterparts.

Why Are Younger Leaders More Fun?

Why would younger leaders be more fun to work with? The reason could come from the expectations millennials have of their coworkers and workplace. Consider the following statistics from a study by MTV.

88 percent of Millennials want their coworkers to be their friends.
71 percent want their coworkers to be like a second family.
Nearly 9 in 10 Millennials want the workplace to be social and fun.

A millennial supervisor might bring these expectations with them as they assume a leadership position.

One other interesting statistic that came from the HBR study is that top management performed much less well on people skills than lower level management. Age and position are strongly correlated with one another, so it may help to explain why leaders older than 30 are considered less fun; they have more to worry about.

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