Validating a Dream with PI


My close friend is an attorney who spent 11 years running a real estate title company. Although it wasn’t what she planned to do with her law degree, the opportunity was "too good to pass up”.  As the company became more and more successful, it became harder to admit that the work was not particularly fulfilling for her.  It was very transactional and she very rarely ever saw or interacted with the end consumer.  After many years of success, during the recession, my friend made the tough decision to close her business.

What is next?

As she was evaluating her next move, I asked her to take a PI survey, so that we get clarity on what her natural behaviors were and what motivated her.  She mentioned that she had a strong urge to start a law practice that focused on estate planning for the elderly. When the results of her PI survey came back, that plan looked like the perfect fit.  

Her PI indicated that she is naturally very altruistic and loved the feeling of helping people in a meaningful way, something that was missing in her last role.  She had the natural ability to connect well with a variety of people and she was a great listener, something her clients valued highly.  Most importantly, she was driven to become an expert in her field, so that she could give the very best to her clients.

Following the Dream

Today she has a thriving practice.  Having met some of her clients, I have seen, first hand, how much they liked, respected and trusted my friend.  Her practice is successful almost entirely based on the word of mouth referrals from her very happy clients. 

When we talked recently, she mentioned how taking the PI survey was a turning point in her decision to pursue this new career.  Once she saw that her natural behaviors were completely aligned with what she was most passionate about, it gave her the validation she needed to take the leap with confidence. Now she couldn’t be happier.  Are you in a role that ignites your passion?  If not, could you be doing something more aligned with your natural talents?  What are you waiting for?