The Predictive Index Turns 60


Steve Picarde Jr. headshot

A Q&A with PI Midlantic's Steve Picarde, Jr.

The Predictive Index (PI) behavioral assessment test turns 60 this year. The PI is a customizable, bias-free assessment used by employers to provide managers with data quantifying the unique motivations and behavioral drives of job applicants or employees. It’s used by over 7,800 organizations located in 143 countries, offered in 70 languages including Braille, and designed to comply with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hiring guidelines.

The goal of the PI is to synchronize talent with the company’s goals and objectives and mitigate employee conflict, low production and high turnover. The test can be used for talent acquisition, career development, team building, mentoring, conflict resolution, promotions and succession planning.
More than 2 million assessments are administered and analyzed every year.

Steve Picarde Jr., vice president of PI Midlantic, a Predictive Index consulting firm based in Annapolis, Md., spoke to SHRM Online about how the assessment can benefit human resource professionals.

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