Strategic Workforce Planning and the Predictive Index


Business People At Planning Table

This video is a brief overview of how the Predictive Index is used in workforce planning. Workforce planning starts with setting overall organizational goals which allow leadership to determine what types of people are needed on the team to achieve their desired end result. After workforce goals are set, the Predictive Index measures the organization’s current team’s assets. Assessing people for motivating needs, behaviors and drives helps create objective data leadership can use to structure their team to succeed. A sophisticated selection process for hiring new staff is also an important part of strategic workforce planning. The Predictive Index provides key metrics for attracting the right job candidates, screening candidates for where they fit versus where they show gaps, and pinpointing the balance needed in employee behavioral drives to improve the probability of a successful hire. Strategic workforce planning is an important part of preparing your organization for change and the Predictive Index provides invaluable data to guide the process. This video has been brought to you by PIMidlantic, a leading national Predictive Index agency. For more information or to bring the Predictive Index to your organization, please visit