New Job? How to Survive 6 First-Week Challenges


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PI Midlantic's Senior Consultant Caitlin Iseler gives smart advice on how to survive your first week on the job as a dominant personality type in this BusinessNewsDaily article.

New Job? How to Survive 6 First-Week Challenges

Before you start a new job, you'll likely know your schedule, basic reporting structure and universal workplace etiquette — you'll probably even have a good idea of what you'll be doing. But the specifics of your daily routine, like who you'll be working with and the policies and procedures you'll follow, are waiting to be discovered during your first few days.

While the beginning of this new chapter in your career is exciting, it can also be very overwhelming at the same time. You're bound to experience at least a few challenges and adjustments, whether it's your first job or your 10th. Here's how to navigate them gracefully and make a great impression during that critical first week on the job.

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