Motivating Teams: Pat Summit's Story


Basketball Hoop

“What we try to do with Predictive Index® is to figure out how best to dial people up mentally, on a consistent basis. We determine what really inspires our players individually, so that in a big game when they need to play a crucial role for us, they are brimming with the belief that they can do it.” – Pat Summitt

No coach has won more victories in college basketball–ever.  Pat Summitt is a legend, with over 1,000 victories under her belt.  But, did you know that she used Predictive Index to build her team?  PI isn’t just for businesses, it is applicable to any sort of team or partnership and helps individuals understand themselves and others and how to get along as a team.  As a leader, you can leverage the power of PI to manage your team members and put them into the best situations, playing to their natural strengths.  Read the Sports Illustrated article about Summitt to see how she started with Predictive Index. 

She was known for being a tough leader to her team:  ”I think you can challenge people, but you don’t want to break people down. But you’ve gotta, sometimes, just pull them aside and say, you know, ‘You’re OK, but you could be better.’” Read more in a recent interview of Summitt regarding her memoir, Sum it Up.

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