Leadership Team Development Using the PI Assessment


PI Leadership Team Development Screenshot

This video provides a brief overview of Leadership Team Development using the Predictive Index (PI) assessment. Leadership team development with the PI consists of the following four phases and lasts anywhere from 3 months to one year. First, each company executive is educated about their own styles of communicating and behaving with their team. 360 degree feedback is elicited from the executive’s peers, subordinates, and the executive him or herself. The executive then takes the Predictive Index assessment. The information gathered from the assessment and 360 degree feedback is then presented to the executive with deep analysis from a senior PI consultant. The second phase involves educating the executive on how to measure the styles of their team members and assisting them in doing so. Members of their team will take the Predictive Index Assessment to determine: what leadership style they respond to best, how they are best motivated, and how they best communicate. In the third phase, the styles of each team member and the executive are analyzed as a unit functioning together and senior PI consultants work with the team in a systematic process to increase productivity and engagement. Fourth, and finally, senior consultants will work one on one with the executive to accentuate their strengths, neutralize career-stallers and developmental needs, and focus on improving key metrics of success. This video has been brought to you by PIMidlantic, a leading national Predictive Index agency. For more information, please visit PIMidlantic.com.