Leadership Roles Not For You? Become a Follower


Lead or follow written out.

The Importance of Great Followers

The names of great leaders fill the pages of our history books, are spoken at countless awards ceremonies, and punctuate the daily news. Great leaders may enjoy fame and fortune, but there is one thing every leader, no matter how great, would be nothing without: followers.

By being a great follower, you can support values and missions you believe in, contribute to making change, earn respect, and even become a great leader yourself. So if leadership roles are not currently on your list of most desired jobs, proudly play up your gift of followership instead.

The following seven characteristics of great followers and tips on how to let them shine in an interview are meant to help you on your journey to the perfect job. Please use the interview tips with care. If a tip doesn’t fit you, find a different strategy for that characteristic that does.

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