How to Find and Keep Top Talent with an Air Tight Hiring Strategy


Steve Picarde Sr. headshot

Purging Fruitless Practices from Your Current Hiring Strategy

When it’s time to fill a position, the hiring strategy for most companies is as follows:

Step 1: Position Description

Develop a position description.

Step 2: Job Advertisement

Write a job ad listing technical skills.

Step 3: Match Experience

Match the candidate’s experience to a semi-utopian view of the job.

The sum of this traditional strategy is a hoard of unqualified candidates with a few possibilities mixed in.  Add to that the next time-consuming step of separating the wheat from the chaff and the hiring process can be both wearisome and fruitless.

The truth is, to find and keep top talent, most companies need to think beyond “job fit” alone.  A comprehensive hiring process takes into account the behavioral and cognitive function of potential hires before reading the first resume. In addition a solid onboarding program and self-awareness follow-ups ensure that once top talent is found, they will stick around.

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