Cultural Shift in the Workplace with the Predictive Index Assessment


Stephanie McGuinn Video Still Culture

This video is meant to be a brief overview of how the Predictive Index can contribute to successfully shifting an organization’s culture.

When an organization faces a major change, like new leadership, a merger, or policy changes, proper communication and implementation determine its success.

Changing an entrenched culture will bring about communication challenges like: 

conveying an understanding of why the change is necessary, motivating employees to want to change, and diplomatically navigating existing company politics.

Adopting the Predictive Index system within your organization equips leaders with critical data on the behavioral and communication styles of each employee. 

Using this data, it is possible to predict which team members will struggle with the change, who the greatest champions of the change will be, and how to communicate change to diverse stakeholders.

As a result, a change management plan can be created, determining how to communicate with each group within the organization. 

Some may be best influenced by experiencing realities that make the change necessary, others may do best by being reorganized into groups that utilize their talent differently, 

and still others may have disproportionate influence that can be used to help with politics changes or communicating to diverse stakeholders.

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