Commit to Performance Driven Leadership


‘We’ve got hiring problems.’

We often get calls from HR personnel who are looking for a ‘tool’ to help them with their hiring challenges.  Often they are acting on a directive to ‘go find something’ without any real plan as to the desired impact – reduce turnover costs?  Increase sales?  Improve employee engagement scores?

‘What role do your managers play in your people challenges?’

This question always leads to an enlightening conversation.  Perhaps good people ARE being hired, but after HR hands them off to their managers and team, something goes awry…

‘What type of leadership development is provided for your managers to motivate their teams most effectively?’

A pause.  ‘None.’

‘What kinds of team effectiveness programs are you investing in to optimize collaboration?’

A pause. ‘None really.  We brought someone in a while back, but nothing really stuck.’

And repeat…

There’s no magic button.

If your organization is truly interested in exploring strategies to optimize the performance of your people, building a motivated and engaged culture does not start and stop at hiring.  You MUST have leadership capable of managing and developing your talent.  You MUST instill teams with strong collaboration and communication skills.

Don’t invest in a ‘tool.’  Tools rust. 

The most successful leadership teams play an active role by committing to their own self-development while promoting a work culture where personnel strengths are recognized, valued, and developed throughout the life cycle of their career. 

Once leadership commits to getting involved in their people’s success, find a partner that can embed a proven philosophy, expertise, training, and technology platform throughout your entire organization.