Change Management Planning Basics


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This video lists five key steps that should always be included in change management planning. First, it’s necessary to demonstrate the need for change. Is change necessary for succession planning? Is the organization experiencing a culture shift due to new leadership? Determine why change is needed and present the reasoning to company leaders. Second, determine who the champions of the change will be and who may be resistant. This can be determined by asking the staff directly in a survey or by coming to conclusions by assessing personality types and behavioral drives. Third, a plan should be created for implementing the change management. This may involve assembling a change management team, identifying stakeholder groups, or planning communications. Fourth, current human assets should be assessed with relation to what is needed in the new culture. Job role changes and team building may be included in this step. Fifth and finally, a plan for acclimating new talent to the culture should be created. From hiring techniques that help select the right candidates to on boarding and mentoring new hires, the change will be successful when newcomers are also onboard. This video has been brought to you by PIMidlantic, a leading national Predictive Index agency. For more information or to bring the Predictive Index to your organization, please visit