Ask PI Midlantic - Work Reputation


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What are some tips for how to improve your work reputation?


Reputations are build on trust. We tend to trust others who are admit to being imperfect and who own their weaknesses and actively work the mitigate them. At PI Midlantic, we encourage our clients to have a deep understanding of their own natural work style, which the Predictive Index provides, and to use that information to be as self-aware as possible about their weaknesses. For example, someone who is very high in Dominance can be a great leader but, there can be negative aspects to this behavioral trait, especially when that person is under pressure. They may not listen to others’ input, they may take a “my way or the highway” approach, they maybe overly blunt and be offensive to others. If our clients are aware of these negatives, they can be on the lookout for that behavior and can even anticipate it in crisis situations. They can ask others to hold them accountable. “I can tend to get really forceful in my opinions and may not listen as well as I should, if you see me doing this, please call me on it.” No one is perfect, but if you show your colleagues that you are working to improve, you will build trust, credibility and eventually a solid reputation.