Ask PI Midlantic - Followership Style



Dear PI Midlantic,

PI helps us assess someone’s leadership style. How can we assess what kind of boss the person will work best with (i.e., his followership style)? For example, in Rahul’s PI below, what kind of supervisor will he work best with?
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India





Hi Inderjeet,

PI can tell us a lot about someone’s followership style. Since the Self Pattern tells us what that person needs
to be most productive at work, you can look for a leader who is most likely to provide that. Briefly, Rahul’s needs are:

  • Unambiguous direction; clear, structured guidelines and expectations (Very High D).
  • Recognition for his ability to multi-task and to keep projects moving along very quickly (Moderately Low C).
  • Recognition for his technical or intellectual achievements, and a focus on tasks and work outcomes in conversations (vs. personal information) (Moderately Low B).

Thus, the best leader for Rahul would be someone who creates an environment that feeds those needs. The leaders who would naturally provide that kind of leadership would have Higher A, Lower C, and at least a strong Cutback D, if not High D (for example, the reference patterns Scientific Professional, Control, or Venturer with strong Cutback D – see below). An Authoritative Management/Sales (again, with strong Cutback D) leader would also naturally create this type of environment, although that person would have to work a little harder to fulfill the Low B needs. Which is a nice segue into another idea.

Above, I described the kinds of leaders who would fulfill Rahul’s needs by behaving naturally. You could also have success with a polished manager who has skill and experience in having a flexible leadership style. This person may be able to adjust their style when working with Rahul to fulfill Rahul’s needs (e.g., a High B manager would naturally want to get to know him pretty quickly, and would drop by to discuss things more. That manager may alter those behaviors for Rahul’s sake). Many leaders find the information in the PI, and the experience of going through the PI Management Workshop, useful tools in building a flexible leadership style.


Steve Picarde, Jr.