Are You Coming Across Well to Your Colleagues?



“Don’t be that guy!”

We’ve all said it before – perhaps even at the office water cooler – when talking about the clueless boorishness of some scandal-plagued celebrity of the day, or maybe someone closer to home, like Lloyd in marketing.

And sometimes, we get that haunting feeling that maybe, just maybe, we are “that guy” in some people’s eyes.

How do I come across to my teammates? Our clients or customers? Our third-party vendors? This are all probably questions you’ve asked yourself at least once.

Now, suppose we found out the cold, hard truth. Is there any way we can use that knowledge to improve our work relationships? Can we profit from a clearer understanding of how our colleagues see us?

PI Midlantic senior consultant Melanie Wood would answer, “Yes.” Her firm coaches business leaders on how to more effectively leverage their human resources by using, among other tools, the “Predictive Index,” which the company describes as “an objective assessment based on certain fundamental assumptions of behavioral psychology.”