Action Plans for the Self-Aware Leader – Request Yours!


Congratulations if you’ve been using the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment to hire the right folks for your team. And kudos if you’ve asked others you manage to take it, so you can best understand how to utilize their strengths and what they need to keep properly motivated. 

That’s great! You’ve set the stage for improved communications and coaching and now you’re going to be a much more effective leader.

That’s true, but hold on a second...what about YOU?

What have you done to better understand YOUR OWN leadership strengths and weaknesses?

A survey conducted in 2013 of 75 members of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council rated SELF-AWARENESS as the most important competency for leaders to develop.

So if you’re going to be an effective manager, you need to know yourself!

A great first step is to take the PI to better understand your behavioral drives.

Let’s say, for example, you see that your Extroversion Drive is your highest -- you are naturally people-oriented, a good communicator, a persuader, empathetic, a delegator – you gain energy from the folks around you. Sounds pretty good right?

Again, not so fast...

Your High B comes with some potential leadership weaknesses and risks, especially if your PI indicates your extroversion is strongly expressed. 

At PIMidlantic, we’ve flushed out these challenges and listed them on a new reference called the Self-Awareness Action Chart (read on to learn how you can get a free copy).

Here’s what the Self-Awareness Action Chart says about your strongly expressed Extroversion:

Weaknesses include: Needs to be liked, spotlight needs to be on them, too optimistic, says too much, and talks in intangibles.

Potential risks include: Too talkative or domineering, may appear disingenuous, talks over people, and overly trusting.  

In addition, as the name implies, the Self-Awareness Action Chart provides some suggested Action Plans to help managers address challenges associated with all four of the behavioral drives measured by the Predictive Index.


Here are the suggested action items to help avoid the potential negatives associated with a strongly expressed Extroversion Drive:

  1. Practice active listening
  2. Let others express their opinions
  3. Put of limit of four sentences on yourself and then ask: “Do you want me to carry on?”
  4. Explore potential downsides of a situation
  5. Ask about potential problems

Again, the Self-Awareness Action Chart provides Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses, Potential Risks and Tips for Self-development associated with each of the four behavioral drives measured by the Predictive Index, including:

  1. Dominance: The Need to Control/Influence
  2. Extroversion: The Need to Connect
  3. Patience: The Need for Stability
  4. Formality: The Need to Conform

I used the Self-Awareness Action Chart during two workshops recently and the participants found the suggestions to be very helpful. I had them identify their highest and lowest drives and then they referred to those sections on the chart to learn more about their potential leadership weaknesses and suggested action items.

I’m happy to send you a free copy of the Self-Awareness Action Chart. Send me an email with your contact information and I’ll get one out to you.