A New Leader’s Guide to Success


While most of us love a challenge, and leading new people is always that, most of us also appreciate insights into this process to expedite the road to success. However, the “opinion of others” about their new team, is highly unlikely to be anything but just that, opinions… which are not necessarily insightful. Imagine then, you are a new Director of Marketing at a global software firm, and even before your first day, you get a crystal ball that shows the innate behavioral drives and corresponding needs of your employees. The Predictive Index is much like that obsequious crystal ball. 

Predictive Index provides rigorously scientific, objective information into how an individual will respond to new information and change. In essence, the PI shares a litany of key behavioral characteristics about people which are essential to driving the efficiency and success of an organization. PI identifies how to motivate, how to communicate with and how a group of people will function as a team.  This is the stuff we, as leaders, tend learn by trial and error which can be incredibly inefficient.

Recently, we created a role of Director of Sales and Marketing, and hired someone to lead the team. This was a significant change for our organization that had up to this point, been relatively flat from a sales perspective. Prior to the Director’s start date, I sat down with her and shared with her the PI’s of her team, her boss, and her peers. We discussed how each individual handles change, which a new boss most certainly is. For those individuals who were more skeptical of new people and had a harder time with change, she was able to plan one approach. For the members of her team who were quick to connect with others, handle change well, and who like to communicate in person she prepared another strategy.

With respect to her new boss and peers, we mapped out a plan of how she should anticipate working with them, and specifically how to work most effectively with them. And the best part about all of this was, it wasn’t opinion! It was truly data driven insights that turned, what would have taken weeks or even months to figure out, into a pre-hire exercise.

Our new Director has been off to a great start, understanding her teams’ behavioral needs and drives before she even finished her first day. I even gave her a tiny crystal ball that sits on her desk to remind her to use the data.