30 Years in Business - From the Consultants' Perspective


PI Midlantic Team

You may have seen a recent article from President, Steve Picarde, Sr.’s recollection of PI Midlantic’s history written in honor of the firm celebrating its 30th year in business (if not, take a quick read here.)  

Well, what does the team of consultants who work with Steve look back on over the course of their years at PI Midlantic?  The team revealed a few common themes and interesting perspectives on the company and their careers.


PI is Work that Never Feels Like Work

“When Steve looks back over the past 30 years and considers where he and PI Midlantic are today, he is proud that he hasn’t felt like he’s had a job in all that time.”  (Quote from “The History of PI Midlantic”). 

This mentality also defines the team of consultants that work with Steve.  Almost every consultant describes their career as entirely rewarding, they are doing what they love, and actually making a difference in their clients’ businesses.   “Working with PI has never felt like work.  I like to say that when I joined PI in 1998, it was also the start of retirement.   I really enjoy all that I do with my clients.”   (Bill Barker, 17 years with PI Midlantic).

Making the Difference

Another common theme among these consultants was the impactful difference this tool makes in organizations.  Shelley Smith (in her 4th year with PI Midlantic) explained “PI is an absolute game changer, a bolt of lightning that takes a company from zero to sixty.”  David Lunken, in his 8th year with the firm is still amazed at how powerful the reach of the Predictive Index can be in an organization.  “The Predictive Index helps organizations navigate change and enables companies to actually grow their businesses.” 

They all resonated that when PI is involved, problems get solved and there is never a time our consultants can’t help.  “The two days of PI training can be the most important two days of a professional’s career.  Clients continually tell me that their business is more profitable after bringing PI into the organization,” explains Teri Kinsella, 6 years with PI Midlantic.  They all share an incredible passion for what they do, and are still amazed the effectiveness of the product year after year.  “I love the product and believe in it.  This tool makes every employee more effective in their role,” says Joe Porpiglia, 8 years with PI Midlantic. 

The “Ah-ha” Moment

Several consultants described client “conversion moments” as some of their fondest memories of their careers.  “Seeing the penny drop, the ah-ha moment,” (Vicki Myoda, 12 years with PI Midlantic.)  “Many times its clients having to learn the hard way,” Myoda continues. 

Senior Consultant Melanie Wood also chimed in, “at times clients will hire against the PRO because they love a candidate.  We typically hear from them a few months later, when the hire is not working out well.  I love helping our clients learn that they can trust in the Predictive Index, and they can be confident in the science of this tool.”

Support among an Amazing Team

When a client signs on with PI Midlantic, they typically know one consultant as their account manager.  What they may not know is that this team of consultants consistently supports each other, they share experiences and best practices, and enable each other to be even more effective at their job.  “Each consultant comes in, learns the tool and then approaches consulting in their own way.  I have seen each new team member engage differently and grow their clients in their own way,” observes Bill Barker, who has seen each current member come on board. 

Clayton Sullivan, starting his 3rd year at the firm comments, “This job is fun because we each have tremendously good things happening at every client, all because of PI.  This team is results oriented and we change companies.  Also, the Annapolis office view of the water and boats is not so bad either.”